We are waiting for you in summer and winter

You can enjoy your stay in the mountains during summer and winter season. Of course, we are aware that spring and autumn are less attractive to many, so we also adjust prices. You will be satisfied with accommodation in Jesenís anytime. Every season has its own charm. The Hotel is located in a beautiful location below Pradedem. This place is attended by skiers, tourists or also mushroom makers.
Relax in our Center
If you have come to relax on your holiday or want to recharge your time in mountain air after a day's digestion, use our wellness centre. There is a whirlpool and a whirlpool bath, a steam cabin and an infra sauna. We are able to arrange massages at the reception. Even in the weather, our hotel will not be bored.

The assistant will appreciate a few pro

No more raked backs, unexpected injuries from poorly chosen supports or just clutter in your workshop without a defined work area. Workshop desks are helpers that appreciate a few DIY or professional production operations.
Earlier Ponky were only available in standard versions, which did not differ much from each other. It's completely different today. Workshop desks are distinguished from each other according to the traffic, places where they are to serve, dimensions, accessories, but of course the price. It is always up to each user to well consider his claims and according to that he chose the workshop tables, which will be really suitable for its use.
We will gladly advise you
As a retailer at the workshop tables, we know the difference between the different types. If you do not know the advice, just contact us and we will gladly help you with your selection. You can find your contacts on our website. We look forward to seeing you.

Nothing is useless

You might say what we're trying to do on the internet for a bull! However for every man should be prostate prevention in the first place! Everything can be a link to an erection, or to fertilized an egg when it is on the bed. Is your gland also in disarray? Do you notice any symptoms?
Where does a buried dog hide?
Let's say a plane where a dog can actually be buried? With the prostate gland, in most cases, there is a problem for men of older age, but even younger age is no exception! A hasty way of life, a cheated approach to our health, unhealthy experimentation at the student age, for example, with drugs, all this is signed on your organism! Let us not be the illusion that our bodies will give up everything! Each of us is otherwise equipped and some body does not have to endure the overload!

Sleep quality is important

Do you like sleep, but lately your bed does not testify to you? Would you like something better, what could you do to help you sleep? If so, the best option to arrange a quality bed is to buy from us. Because we have a quality offer ready for you, you can be sure that you will reliably choose with us, without any problems. Not only do we offer you high quality beds at great prices, but this is also a great appearance.
A bed as a design element
The bed may not be just a means of sleeping, but it can form a distinctive position in your room. If the room is small, it is certainly a bed and a distinctive element, which must also be attractive somehow. That's why you don't want a quality bed, so bad. But this is not possible with us, because our beds are great for the sight, so sleep will be literally divine on them.

Reliability above all

Perhaps everyone needs to arrive at a longer distance, and although their own valid driving licence is almost everyone, not everyone also has their own car. If you are in such a situation and are looking for a place where you can rent a car, you have found it correctly. Our car rental will always provide you with a reliable vehicle that we lend at the best prices.
Do you think that car hire is complex and it attaches a lot of paperwork and arranging? Don't be confused! Our car rental company provides car rental without any hidden charges, without any annoying paperwork, and everything for the fabulous prices that pays off.
Reliability above all
Our car rental company offers only quality and reliable cars that have a hundred percent technical status. We provide all vehicles with regular service inspections and thus ensure the perfect condition of the vehicles we offer.

An appliance that is important for any kitchen

When arranging the kitchen, you need to think of many important things, without which it would probably not be possible. It is good to choose the equipment that will be of good quality, reliable and will be well used. And this, of course, also applies when selecting appliances. Perhaps such a hood is absolutely an integral part of any kitchen. Without this appliance it would simply not be possible, because it takes care of a very important thing. It exhauces vapours that leak during cooking and ensures that they get out of the house. So you don't have to struggle with high humidity or mold problems, which would be definitely annoying.
Our offer is here for you
Therefore, at any time, please contact us, visit our offer and choose a range of extractor with which you will be satisfied. We have a wide range of different kinds, so we believe that you will come to your own and find something that you are satisfied with and what you like. In addition, we have all the goods for you at really affordable prices, which everyone will appreciate. So you can shop with us without worrying or worry.

Favorite radio As you don’t know it

Are you a devotees of quality and certainty? Don't you like the volatility and the plums of inexperienced moderators? Then we have the most ideal solution for you. Radio Impuls in all its glory and its unrivaled working team, which is above the thing and can make you more enjoyable any moment. With us and our website you will get the greatest listening value and you will enjoy your favorite station with all sorts of everything.
Immerse yourself in the secrets of online broadcasting, you don't have to find the right frequency so difficult, the Impuls radio will be available 24 hours a day and you can enjoy it while working on a computer, cleaning it or using it for the right relaxation. All thanks to our offer you will be great to decarbonate.
Uninterrupted relaxation
Use our services for convenient and practical use, and listen to your favorite Impuls radio whenever you feel like it. The limit is no longer modern.

1001 Game Play – Right for your free time

Are you sitting down on a computer or laptop and don't know what page to visit and how to entertain yourself? Perhaps everyone will experience such a situation when he simply does not know what he would do, is bored and has no fun. From that there are 1001 games that will guarantee you fun anytime you remember.
Games on the Internet are very popular because they are of course free and available online, even without lengthy downloads. You can play them anytime and practically anywhere, all you have to have at your disposal is internet and free time, because my free zoo game are very contagious!
Enjoy fun
Get bored and start enjoying the endless amount of the best fun. 1001 games can entertain you for long hours, and it doesn't matter that you are adults and sensible. Surrender to the game and start enjoying today.

Pick a new life

You know, after all, that you can make a difference, but from the purchase you will be able to take the high sums? You do not have enough finances for construction or recovery, but you do not want to give up? You will be able to have our mobile homes, the plan of affordable pre-everyone. Our prices are very low from the price of the availability of pre-paid persons. You can have your home, choose it with us, and do not pay a mortgage for Niekoľko Miliónov.
Všetko, Cho you need
Do not think that this type of bull will not give you the needed comfort, for the lead the habit of hiring, or from an other bull. With us you can prezrieť photos of the exterior and interior, and you are sure that you are going to have a grandhead of every model you need. Do not hesitate, and choose your Bývanie cho najskôr. The veil is great, and request high. Book the collection before you get it, it would be a shame.

The procedures have our own

In our work we use modern equipment. It is mainly our cameras. With us you can find them from miniature to self-propelled with swivel head. Just get them in and we'll see everything very well. Then we can choose the right way. Our inspection of drains is definitely worth it. If you are interested, just contact us at any time.
We also perform mechanical cleaning with a spiral
Our activities should be performed exclusively by specialists. Therefore, it is absolutely inappropriate for someone else to interfere with it. If you have any problems with the pipeline, you can contact us immediately. We'll be out soon and we'll be in your time. Then we'll let you do a review of the drain. We'll find out how it looks and what needs to be done. We are waiting for your orders.