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All You Need to Know About Emergency and Exit Lighting

According to the occupational safety and health association, a business has to ensure that the workers have a conducive working environment. One of the aspects that most business owners overlook is the emergency and exit lighting, which is a part of the building’s life safety program. If you fail to install the emergency and exit lighting, you risk getting fines from the occupational safety and health association. In the market, we have various companies that sell emergency and exit lighting; you need to research and ensure that you are getting the ideal company. When looking for the ideal company, you have to ensure that it is providing the full fire protection service, and when you get such a company, you stand to enjoy the benefits discussed below.

The company providing the emergency and exit lighting will ensure that it has installed the lighting; hence you will have complied with the safety regulation as provided by OSHA. During an emergency such as a fire break in the build that will affect the normal lighting, the workers will have the chance of evacuating the building safely. The emergency and exiting lighting will ensure that it has guided the employees their way out of the building; hence no injuries will be experienced. The company that will sell and install the emergency and exit lighting will ensure that the lighting is well maintained; therefore, you are assured that you will never go without lighting. Although it is not guaranteed if you install the emergency lighting, your insurance premium rates might drop to ensure that you have installed to enjoy the low rates of the insurance. And those are among the many benefits that you from installing emergency and exit lighting in your business or building.

Besides, the benefits here are some aspects that you need to consider when installing the emergency lighting, whereby you have to ensure that all exit paths are well lit. You have to ensure that these places are well lighted, the exit access, the exit, and the exit discharge, which will guide occupants out of the building. The emergency lighting should be on ten seconds of the power outage and should have a proper power back up that will ensure the lights last for one and a half hours. You have to ensure that there is post signage around the facility, which indicates the direction to the exit.

The battery supporting the emergency and exit lighting should be tested monthly and have a thorough annual inspection, ensuring that it is in perfect condition. Besides the battery, the emergency and exit lighting should get proper maintenance, and during the process maintaining damages on the lighting unit will be inspected. The maintenance will ensure that you have reduced chances of getting fines, injuries, or even lawsuits. You will have the inspections you will have documents that need to be well maintained as they are proof that the maintenance work was done of the emergence and exit lighting. The technician from the company providing the services will ensure that they have provided the document, including the date that the inspection was done, the type of services provided, and the technician’s name.

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